Thursday, July 7, 2011


Beauty hub Sephora flagship store in Milan. 
Benefit cosmetics

I recently purchased the Benefit High BeamPosietintand Benetint online and I'm pretty excited about it. Initially, I got so curious about all the hype these products are getting so I finally caved in. I hope they're as good as the reviews I've read about. Benefit has actually a lot of great products I've heard about and they have this adorable and cute packaging, it's just so cute it's like you just wanna get everything they have. 

Mia™ Skin Cleansing System - Jaguar 

I WANT THIS. Plus, the jaguar design is just too cute.

Lashes To Die For™ Platinum 

What it is: A nighttime eyelash treatment that helps lashes appear nearly twice as long, in just eight weeks. 

It costs around 125 USD and I'm pretty sure the shipping fee is just going to kill me. There is also another alternative I've read about which is Latisse but I'm not sure yet how effective it is or if there are any side effects. 

Anyhow, this is what you call beauty orgasm. Too bad we don't have Sephora yet here in the Philippines. I'll probably be like the fat kid entering Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. Just glorious. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


So yesterday, my friend, Gianne, and I went out for our usual run even though it has been pouring since around noontime. When I say, ‘went out’, I mean, we really did go out of school and started brisk walking from there to Lacson St. Usually, after class we’d just run around the school’s oval but it just started to get quite muddy and the water was starting to pool everywhere so we thought of running outside campus instead. Anyway, we were pretty giddy about it even though we were probably so funny-looking since everyone else was trying get out of the rain and there we were, pretty much amped on our ‘brilliant idea’. So, we haven’t even gone that far yet when it really started to pour like hell. We were pretty much soaked which we had a really good laugh about. People we’d pass by on the street or the usual trisikad drivers would ask us why the hell were we out and completely soaking wet. But we still went on our way until we reached Lagoon and did a few rounds. By the time we reached KFC, we were exhausted but I think it was the good kind of exhausted. We felt great actually but we definitely swore not to do something as insanely stupid as that again.

Maybe, yeah, it was a pretty bad choice but like what we said, we charge it to experience. We wouldn’t have known it was a bad choice if we never did it. It’s always better that way, rather than wondering your whole life of what-could-have-beens’ and the whatnot. 

Pretty simple

If only I look like her everyday.

Punchinello, this is probably one of his cutest pictures. 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

To Remember By

I finally made a blog and I'm really happy since it's something that will keep me busy and entertained. It's also good practice since I can't exactly remember the last time I've written anything that actually matters to me. It's usually the same bullshit; term papers, reflections on gabazillion movies we've watched in school and those over-used and abused essay questions you'd usually find at the bottom of exam papers. I wanna write something, anything, that fascinates or scares or amuses or thrills me. Maybe it's even sort of a reminder for me, the way I've been and how I want to be. 

I found this and this, this is exactly how I am after a rough day. I love it, it's right on the money. Usually, the day isn't even over yet and I would already be longing for a nap or a good read or even just a quick bath. And yes, even good ol' beer, definitely. Obviously, I've recently become quite acquainted with beer.